Item Type:Led Power Supply

Item Ac24v1000w
Input voltage 220V±5% AC
Output voltage 24V±0.5V AC 41.6A
working hertz 50/60HZ
Output Power 1000VA
Ip Grade Ip66/Ip68(rainproof /waterproof)
working Temp Ambient temperature -25℃–45℃, relative humidity 85%
input wires 1672-14#red
output wires 1015-10#Black
Product Name ADS-AC24V transformer
Input voltage AC110V, AC220V
Power 60w,150w,200w,260w.300w,360w,400w,500w,600w,800w,1000w,1500w,2000w,3000w,4000w,5000w
Output voltage AC24v
Dimension 215*170*110MM
Lifespan 2 years warranty
  1. Amusement Park Rides Light

Ferris wheel, Carousels, Pirate ship, Pendulum, Bumper car, Tower and so on.

  1. Advertisement Outdoor Signboard Backlight

Logo, Signage, Channel letter, Signs, Exposed luminous characters, Billboard and so on.

  1. Stage Decoration Light

KTV, Disco, Bar, Night club and other stage light.

  1. Commercial Light

Hotel, Shopping mall, Theater, Square and so on.

  1. Kids Rides Decoration

Castles, Robot, Mini carousels, Car, Mini train etc.




Carton size

12kg 2pcs 24KG 37*22*12CM

1. When installing, please follow the installation instructions.
2. Before powering on for trial operation after installation, please check and calibrate the connections on each terminal block to make sure the input and output, AC and DC, positive and negative poles, and voltage are correct.
The value and current value are correct to prevent reverse and incorrect connections and avoid damage to the power supply and user equipment.
3. Before powering on, please use a multimeter to measure whether the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire are short-circuited, and whether the output terminal is short-circuited. It is best to start without load when powering on.
4. Do not exceed the nominal value of the power supply when using it to avoid affecting the reliability of the product. If you need to change the output parameters of the power supply, please contact our technical department before using the power supply.
Please contact us for consultation to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of use.
5. To ensure the safety of use and reduce interference, please ensure that the ground terminal is reliably grounded (the ground wire is larger than AWG18#)




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